happy st. patty’s!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!

I celebrated the green holiday a day early, and the pictures above are just some of the evidence of what fun was had. Not shown is my emerald coloured vodka.

But today is a special day for another reason. Thirty years ago, my mom gave birth to her first child. It’s hard to believe that my oldest brother is turning 30 today. My parents don’t seem old enough to have children in their late 20’s, let alone in their 30’s!

I hope Joel has an amazing day and weekend. I’m proud to say he is my older brother. I don’t get to see him very often because of the provinces in between us, but I sure love him dearly.

I think 30 will be his best year yet, seeing as he is marrying the love of his life in a few months!

And on a final note, I’m hoping that green food colouring is safe for ingestion. I consumed more than my fair share last night…

Be safe!  Cheers!


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