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I am once again required to comment on PR-related blogs in the next few weeks. I will be posting my comments on here, continually updating this post each time I’ve written a new comment. Feel free to read and comment on these posts!

Comment #1

Article: Top brands come out on social media in support of gay marriage ruling

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“This article makes me a happy girl. I didn’t realize how many big, influencing brands decided to show their support for marriage equality on their social media and I LOVE IT (I may have a strong opinion on the subject). Some might say it’s a brave stance, seeing as some of their customers may have been supporters of DOMA, and therefore may no longer be loyal to these brands. But these companies obviously don’t care. They’re showing support proudly in big, flying, rainbow colors! This could obviously work in these companies’ favour too…same-sex marriage supporters will WANT to shop at these brands more than ever. It could definitely increase their customer base. Maybe they’re trying to cash-in on this moment in history, but who cares? I don’t, and would love to one day work for a company that would proudly do the same thing. It gives me warm, fuzzy feelings inside and more hope for the future.”

Comment #2

Article: The 5 Facebook posts you should delete

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“Thanks for your article, Kevin!

This was very insightful for me. I am currently in school for Public Relations and the number one rule we’ve been taught when it comes to managing an organization’s social media is to NEVER ever delete any comments. I always questioned this logic because I felt that there would always be times when deleting comments should definitely be appropriate. I think it would be unfair for a social media manager to reply to every single negative comment out there, especially if these comments fall under any of the five things you mentioned. Also, I’m glad you mentioned that your rules should be outlined in a company’s community guideline. This keeps everyone on track if you have more than one social media manager and it’s a good way to cover your butt! I will hopefully be managing the social media for a new cross fit gym soon and I’m sure I will run into some of these issues, so again, thanks!”

Comment #3

Article: 5 secrets to staying sane when you manage social media

Comment #3


“This article was exactly what I needed to read today, so thank you for that! I recently started managing a social media account and was feeling overwhelmed with it this weekend. I just felt like I have so much to learn about it still and that it’s probably going to be quite a learning journey to figure out what is going to work best for this new company social-media wise! We’ve learned a little bit about managing social media in my program, but not enough for me to feel like I’m anywhere near an expert. That being said, it was nice to see an article about keeping calm when the stress of managing social media accounts can get to you. I also appreciated when you said to maintain your own voice. I needed to be reminded of that! I definitely feel like I can stay sane and savvy with your tips!”

Comment #4

Article: Facing lawsuit, Target apologizes for ‘multi-cultural tips’ document

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 11.36.53 AMComment:

“WHAT?! IS THIS REAL? I don’t care whether this was a sanctioned document or not, these things should never be said. I can’t believe someone actually created this document and presented it as training material in some form. How did that ever get past the higher ups? I can’t imagine being a Hispanic employee at Target and seeing/hearing those words. I would be utterly mortified and furious. I also can’t believe Snyder’s apology wasn’t more APOLOGETIC. She apologized for offending team members and said Target does not tolerate any form of racism or discrimination, but then why does this document exist AT ALL in the first place? Disgusting. This is a PR issue, but it is foremost a major HR issue. Someone should lose their job over this, and it shouldn’t have been the three Hispanic men. I thought Target was better than this.”


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