how i know it’s true love.

love.jpgI’ve been in love a couple of times before. Those relationships didn’t succeed and I’m still not certain of the reasons why they failed.

But one thing I do know is that if those relationships had worked out, I wouldn’t have drank tequila on that summer night, asked for a piggy back ride, or been surprised by a kiss in the kitchen. I wouldn’t have fallen in love with Cal.

We were roommates at the time of the infamous kiss. As crazy as the idea was, we decided on taking a chance at a relationship. The odds were against us, but now we’re approaching our third year anniversary.

Throughout our relationship so far, we’ve dealt with things that would tear most relationships, or marriages, apart. Finances have been a major struggle and we’ve had to have constant communication and creative collaboration to survive. We’ve become pretty good at being honest with each other and discussing everything.

We’ve both dealt with anxiety and stress through a big chunk of our relationship. We’ve offered each other patience and understanding and always work together to get out of the rough patches.

Cal ruptured his spleen earlier in our relationship and there were moments where we didn’t know what his future held. Those were the scariest weeks of my entire life.

I lost one of my best friends just over a year ago. Cal was there for me through the entire thing and quietly held me me when there were no words to make it better.

Throughout these hard times, we have always found time to laugh. We laugh A LOT. We’ve come out of all of this stronger and more certain of how in love we are with each other.

This is how I know it’s true love. I tell him he’s my soul mate all the time and I think those words make him uncomfortable. But I believe it. I couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend and best friend.

This is why I’m thankful that my past relationships didn’t work out. They led me to that August night when our love began with the most perfect, tequila induced kiss. Who would’ve thought.


my best friend.

My mom is my absolute, most favourite person in the world.

When I visit home, we start gabbing and we JUST CAN’T STOP.  We talk about everything under the sun and we laugh until our cheeks hurt.

She is so smart, so beautiful, and so funny…and she doesn’t even realize it.

She is the best mom anyone could ask for, and one day will make an amazing grandma.

I hope one day I can become the kind of woman that she is.  I love her with all of my heart, and I’m proud to say that she is my best friend.

52 things i love about calvin.

Why not write my first post about the number one man in my life?

Calvin is my boyfriend of two years. I am madly in love with him, but recently I realized that I have never been good at actually showing him how deep my affection really is. Sure, I tell him all the time, but the old saying “actions speak louder than words” has been ringing true for me lately.

A few months back, Cal and I had a pretty significant fight. At that time I was working full- time, trying to get into university, dealing with Student Aid, worrying about finances, and the list goes on. Needless to say, I was stressed to the max. I was demanding everything from Cal. I was demanding that he not only drive me around, but I wanted him to cook supper, spend every waking second with me, and constantly deal with my meltdowns. After a while it was too much for him. This is when the big fight broke out. Among other issues, that I won’t get into, Cal expressed his need for me to show through actions how much I truly cared for him. He was tired of being the only one giving in the relationship.

…which brings me to this post. I am now in a full time university program studying Public Relations and Marketing Management (YAY!) and I’ve never been more happy or excited in my life. I’m feeling extremely stress-free. I also now have more time on my hands, thus, more time to think about how I can really show Cal how much I love him.

Let me just get one thing clear: Pinterest is a GOD-SEND! I have already planned my dream wedding, home, and wardrobe by using it. I’ve also come across some incredibly useful things that you can do to show your significant other how much you appreciate them.

Here’s the pin that really caught my eye today:


The photo is originally from a blog post by:

It’s a simple idea, but also incredibly sweet. I am going to make this soon and I truly think it’s going to blow Cal’s mind. I’m not sure he even thinks I have it in me to make something so gushy. Hehe.

I will hopefully be able to post photos and details about his (great) reaction soon! Stay tuned!